Processing of Cutting fluid and other emulsions

  • Environmentally friendly method of processing
  • Suitable for processing all types of emulsion
  • Minimum use of chemical substances
  • Reduced waste by 90%
  • Distillate which can be used to prepare a new emulsion

KOVOFINIŠ Company offers a complex solution for the processing of used Cutting fluids and other emulsions using a vacuum evaporation unit. Comparing to outdated processing methods, such as thermal, chemical, or membrane technologies, the vacuum evaporation technology is environmentally friendly and highly efficient process using a minimum amount of chemical substances.

With this technology, it is possible to process emulsions that contain the strongest emulsifiers. The result of the emulsion processing is pure water (distillate) for the preparation of a new emulsion or other uses in the technological production cycle, metal waste and concentrate in the form of thickened oils and inorganic salts (if such are contained in the source water).

* Example: As a result of processing 1000 liters of the finished emulsion, we get 900 liters of pure water and 100 liters of the concentrate.